DIY LED Pressured Coaster Q&A

This video goes over common questions that might pop up for the coaster kit!

00:06 – Why take apart a coaster?

00:27 – How does the pressure sensor work?

00:49 – If I have to hot glue the plates together how will I be able to take apart the batteries?

01:03 – Why will the lights sometimes stay lit even after I remove my drink?

01:18 – How do I get to choose certain colors I like for when I put a drink down?

01:50 – Can I use bigger LEDS or change the colors or the beginner kit?

02:12 – I’m having trouble keeping the batteries in series and the power seems to go out…

02:33 – How to protect internal circuit from liquid damage

02:51 – How to keep the plates together

  • First.

  • Joshua

    I am confused with the video (tutorial) because it only shows how to do the moderate kit, what do I do for the easy one?

    • Lavoz24

      For the easy one look at the schematics on the monthly DIY videos page.

  • Michael

    I have built the easy kit but can’t get the LEDs to sequence. They all seem to flicker at the same point. Should the top plate of the sensor be connected to battery +? What voltages on the analogue input pin should trigger the LEDs?

    • Lavoz24

      check to make sure there isn’t a lot of pressure on the pads. Sometimes hot glue sticks everything together. If that doesn’t work, go over your work and double check it with the schematics. Make sure nothing is crossed, bridged,etc.
      All the best.