Color-Changing Water Temperature LED Faucet (Advanced)



Simple build is great for beginners!


Product Description

It’s Time For a Wash…

Did you know that only 4% of the world’s population actually washses their hands thoroughly after using your bathroom? Well, now you know this very important statistic that change your life.

The #1 reason why people don’t wash their dirty hands is because of those sneaky little Water Faucets. They say water faucets are the applicances from the dark places of our society.

They spit out water without any warning if it’ll burn or ice your hands!
They spit out water that doesn’t glow in the dark.
They spit out water that doesn’t glow with different LED lights!

Well… fear no more! You now have a chance to own your very own Waterfall Faucet LED Kit! This kit flows with ease and is like a new ocean breeze that will make you want to start washing your hands again!

This kit is programmed to attach itself to any faucet around the world. Once the water is turned on the kit will light up with different colors parallel to the temperature of the water.

If the LEDs are glowing red then that mean YOU BETTER WATCH OUT (because it’s hot)!
If the LEDs are glowing green then that means it’s lukewarm!
If the LEDs are glowing bue then you better wait because your fingers might get frostbite!

A Beginner kit does exactly just that.

A Hobbyist kit comes with Infrared LEDs – it’ll turn on only when you walk up to it
(just like in the movie theaters or the fancy hotels).