DIY Cassette Tape MP3 Player (Beginner)



Simple build is great for beginners!


Product Description

Remember early 2000s, when the first iPod came out? Everyone was wowed by how a $200 MP3 player was able to 1000 songs right in your pocket! Gone were the days of the cassette tape and CDs… or so we thought.

Well now, we’re bringing it back retro-style! Imagine having the same MP3 player power where you can fit a thousand songs, in your… CASSETTE TAPE! Yes, use any standard SD card of any size and load your very own mixes into your cassette tapes. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even power your MP3 player with the power of the sun!

The goal of this project is to retrofit a cassette tape with a modern MP3 player so that you can jazz out in old school fashion. Yes, we know you probably have an iPhone, or an iPad, or an iPod or some other iPlayer. The point of this project is to remember the old times – where we were all rockin’ cassette tape players as we jogged and went to school. For those of you who don’t remember the old times (or weren’t even born), you can just imagine, and really realize how lucky you all are!

This is not the most difficult project in terms of engineering. You should be able to get it working without a problem because there isn’t much solder connections.

And don’t worry. This is one of the most simplest kits we’ve made. It requires you know NOTHING about electronics. Heck, even my 8 year old nephew put this together in less than an hour!

So what’s included?

The Beginner kit is a standard MP3 player.
The Hobbyist kit comes with a fancy solar panel so you can charge your MP3 player with the power of the sun!
And the Guru kit comes with the MP3 player, the solar panel, and an SD card all complete!

You’ll be able to mix your own tapes by the end of the project and look extra cool jamming to a cassette tape!