Infrared Controlled Light Switch (Beginner)



Simple build is great for beginners!


Product Description

Sick and tired of having to get up from the couch just to turn the lights off?

Or have too many remotes laying around the living room with hundreds of buttons when only the channel, volume, and power buttons are used?


This month’s kit is an awesome way to control almost anything from the seat of your TV couch (or bed) with the use of ANY remote!!

With a push of a button and a remote, you can program this month’s “Infrared Module” to learn ANY signal from almost ANY remote. Once the remote learns, it can turn on/off whatever you hook up to the device!

The Beginner Kit comes with: An Infrared Module with one programmable switch and a bright 10mm LED. This one will be able to turn on/off most small electronics and devices.

The Hobbyist Kit comes with: An Infrared-Learning-Box-Thing DIY kit with two programmable switches, a bright 10mm LED, and a Mini Servo. You can hook up the servo to most light switches and watch it turn on and off!

But don’t stop there!

If you’re the more advance DIYer, you can program the chip to learn even more signals to control even more devices! That’s the Guru Kit – it comes with both Beginner, Hobbyist, and a DIY Arduino for your liking!

The difference between these? Well the higher levels get more complex so they’ll take you a little longer. But they’re more rewarding at the end, I promise!

And don’t worry, if you don’t have any experience in reading schematics, or even electrical engineering! These beginner and hobbyist kits are designed for people with absolutely NO experience. Once you sign up, you’ll get access to an online learning portal where you’ll get step-by-step instructions, HD videos, and pictures, as well as an online community of thousands of DIYers who will help you complete the project!

So if you’re just starting, go with Beginner. But if you’re up for a little challenge, go with the Hobbyist (great for determined beginners!!). Guru – just be careful. You really need some experience on this one as the Guru kit is very open-ended and will require quite a bit of initiative. Have at the Guru if you’re into DIY electronics.

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Or control the LED cubes with the push of a button!

Or even better…program the Infrared-Learning-Box-Thing to learn one signal to control EVERYTHING at once!