Getting Started

Step 1: Watch DIY & Hack Tutorials

The DIY and Hack tutorials are here to help you through making advanced projects. Don’t just watch them – MAKE them. If you need help, leave a comment and ask the community!

Step 2: Leave Comments

If I wanted to make this all about videos, I’d do it on YouTube. But to get TRUE value out of this site, you HAVE TO participate. So after you watch every video, do these 3 things:
1) Write something – whether it’s a question or a comment
2) Read through comments
3) Respond to others – help them out

Step 3: Contribute New Ideas

Go to the ideas section and look at the ideas for next month’s project. Go on Google and find some of your own and contribute to the page and leave comments. Remember, your comments and input has direct impact on future month projects!

And most importantly.. HAVE FUN. DIY projects and hacks are all about having fun, solving problems, and building things with each other.

Your gadget guru,